Inspired by the barren, Swedish nature with fresh and clean water, we have designed products for the bathroom with calm, presence and infinity in mind. Pure lines inspired by the beauty of nature’s forms and aging, become a natural place for your daily recovery. 

Camargue is the choice for the conscious individual, for the modern man who wants to make sustainable and distinctive choices.

J.design has had a full ownership of the case including all from strategy, identity, packaging, brochures, shop-in-shop etc. 


Mas Property

Mas Property is the high-end Real Estate broker at Costa del Sol – the coast of Andalusia in southern Spain – which has been a welcome retreat for Britons and Northern Europeans for long, wanting to escape to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Founder Margareta and her international team are no exception. After working for an international art auctioneer with a prestige property arm in Andalusia, Margareta brought her experience indealing with high-end clients to opening her own agency.

They take their clients through the entire buying process, and with their expertise help them pinpoint the ideal properties for new purchasers as well as more experienced, time-pressed clients.

J.design har helped out with new Corporate identity, webpage and sales material among more.


Halda watches

Time. The only endless object except for space. Halda Watches do both.

Endless timepieces for extreme conditions like space and racing.
A watch of innovation. State of the art watchmaking. Innovation. Modern technology.It all started with one man with a vision.

Founded 1887 in the south of Sweden. With the ambition to produce a watch without compromise.

The Halda Watch Company was founded by Henning Hammarlund in Svängsta, Blekinge in the south of Sweden. Henning Hammarlund was educated at Geneva Academy of Horology in Switzerland, the most prominent school for watch manufacturing in the world at that time. The Halda Watch Company is the first watch manufacturing facility in northern Europe.

A unique concept with interchangeable time modules – Mechanical watchmaking combined with modern technology.

All handmade in Sweden.
Award-winning design.

J.design has been responsible for the all new identity with complete update with logo, graphic profile, tonality and communication. 



With its simple and clean architecture, the glass house has been a landmark in Stockholm since 1955. It was designed by the well-known architect Peter Celsing as early as 1949 and was the first architect-designed gas station in Sweden.

After a number of different activities such as tourist office, ice cream parlour, cafe and pizzeria, it was finally time to transform the former gas station into a premium restaurant and brasserie with bars and outdoor seatings.

J.design created the visual identity that reflects the proximity to the sea as well as the pulse of the citys nightlife. And we delivered everything from the logotype, graphic profile to the website, on-site designs etc.


Alexander Kay

Every successful pitch, presentation and party starts off in the best of shoes. Alexander Kay is to the bone convinced one should never have to compromise style and street. Established to let you find the perfect pair of sneakers, designed to be worn – By you, as you. Stay true to the power of sneakers. Make sure to grab the full potential of everyday possibilities.

Of course it all started with a pair of exceptional sneakers and a confident statement.

Founder Aleksandar had it all figured out. Suit and tie. Tie and suit. All day and occasionally, all night. But a revelation grew in him – the sneaker is the ultimate and unconditional walk in. That’s how we stay true to our style and soul. The boring, flat fine shoe must give way.

Aleksandar founded Alexander Kay and initiated a refinement of the dressed shoe. Today, Alexander Kay is devotion in every detail. Sneakers in full swing, swag, for any occasion.

Find your own unique style and let your personality shine through with one impactful accessory.

Design concept, full identity and shoe design by us at J.design.



Founded in 1967, Oriflame are a social selling beauty company in over 60 markets, with a diverse portfolio of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty and wellness products sold and marketed through approximately 3 million Brand Partners.

Because Oriflame is from Sweden, they have a different view on beauty and business. To them it’s the combination of how you live, feel, look and act that makes you beautiful – as a person and as a corporation. This is reflected in the Oriflame business opportunity and in Oriflame’s social and environmental policies.

Committed to sustainability and believe that every step taken towards reducing GHG emissions and packaging waste can make a difference in reducing our business environmental footprint and contribute towards positive change.

J.design has over a few years helped out with various packaging concepts within perfumes and skincare. 


3sa estate

3SA Estate is a real estate agency based in Marbella, Spain, but with one big difference. They do not only sell homes, but help customers to stay a few steps ahead in the world of work, career, family, leisure, fun and social interaction – the things we call life. To seize every minute of each day, week and year rushing by, while we are too busy planning the future. 

3SA´s focus is to help their customers, not only to dream their dreams, but also to see and catch the opportunities when they come. To incorporate visions and the future into a life here and now. 

J.design has helped out with the full identity, marketing and web.