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Halda watches

Endless objects since 1887


Time. The only endless object except for space. Halda Watches do both.

Endless timepieces for extreme conditions like space and racing.
A watch of innovation. State of the art watchmaking. Innovation. Modern technology.It all started with one man with a vision.

Founded 1887 in the south of Sweden. With the ambition to produce a watch without compromise.

The Halda Watch Company was founded by Henning Hammarlund in Svängsta, Blekinge in the south of Sweden. Henning Hammarlund was educated at Geneva Academy of Horology in Switzerland, the most prominent school for watch manufacturing in the world at that time. The Halda Watch Company is the first watch manufacturing facility in northern Europe.

A unique concept with interchangeable time modules – Mechanical watchmaking combined with modern technology.

All handmade in Sweden.
Award-winning design. has been responsible for the all new identity with complete update with logo, graphic profile, tonality and communication.