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Torus Eyewear

An eyewear brand inspired by revolution


At the intersection of technology and fashion, Torus creates premium eyewear for extraordinary people.

The mission is to create premium eyewear using technological innovation and modern craft, that obey the natural laws of luxury and nature. 

Torus seek to see and tell stories of growth, change, shattering glass ceilings. Play upon fantasy and reality through futuristic simplicity. 

The Movement of Torus

Everything starts from a torus and evolves, it is the code of the universe. Torus aimes to contribute to the promotion of change within culture, technology, aethetics and within. We champion our tribe to see the world differently and strive to make cosmological-sized shifts. has delivered a full concept – Logo and symbol, extended Corporate Identity, Packaging design, Strategy, Web, Social media, Art Direction and more.